ilikejellydoyou (ilikejellydoyou) wrote in queenz_of_noize,


A big thank you to betty for making this sexy background for me with colin farrell, eric bana, orlando bloom, matt and travis from 'from first to last', and sexy sexy ville valo!

The Great Oz Has Spoken!

for beating heart betty...

:O i wish i was this bottle!

this ones my fave! how cyoot is that!!

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lol were did you find THEM :O omgomgomg lol *siigh* i love him..
its funny cause hes IRISH AHAHAH
lol stfu I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING and its not true

why what ever do you mena dear Betty?

no, i was laughing becuase FIG is also Irish he is Irish and the Irish have a good sense of humour

or so it is said
lol all the strike-outs in the world couldnt block my vision >:D i SAWWW what you said.

I just noticed the bottle in his keks. does it say " wild turkey?"

if it does then thats a fucking riot right there


December 24 2004, 09:48:47 UTC 13 years ago

lol yeeesh it does :D